Morning Wood

Get your mind of the gutter you pervs…jeez…what kind of a reader base do I have…oh wait zilch!  Scratch the humor…as I sit upon the floor of my apartment enjoying a hot tasty beverage spiked with some Irishy goodness, and yes Irishy is the proper conjugation for the context in which I used the pronoun Irish.  You disagree?  Take it up with my lawyer.  He lives with his mom down on 3rd by the halfway houses…if you can survive it there to his ‘home’ at 11pm in downtown Spokane on any given night…you win! 

This morning as I stumbled out of my bedroom after my girlfriend had headed off to work I realized with a sudden spark of pain, with my Albert Einstein fro and Scooby Doo totin’ self rammed my cranium into the hallway closet door, that the small things in life are where it matters. 

For instance chilling and watchin’ a bitchin’ movie with your loved one…equals epic.  Sitting by yourself in the closet of solitude next to the urine producing gorilla and the spot in which a self-taught war ferret should reside is NOT so epic.  If this latter instance has occurred in your recent past I might recommend sitting down and re-evaluating some past dicisions…preferably without the presence of the ferret or the gorilla.

Also, how often do you get to just do what you want to do?  So many individuals do this or that without of the slightest acknowledgement that it is the complete and utter opposite of what they truly want to do!  They’re almost coerced into it by the ‘man’…societal preasures that tell them that they have to go to school to succeed, that they have to work at a job that they hate, that they have to stay with someone they don’t love…this is utter bullshit.

You don’t owe anyone anything.  Do what you want to do.  I’m a bastard, and I know that if I go to let say a gala event that I did not want to attend, but did because of a loved one…I’m going to be a prick to just about everyone there, because odds are I’d rather by playing the Final Fantasy II bass line elsewhere.  This is not to say that you shouldn’t spend time with your family, friends, and/or spouse, but rather you should WANT to, and not be FORCED to.

Anyways, my ramblings have taken a more serious turn, but in the end I follow this philosophy and as most of my closest confidantes can attest to I follow it pretty religiously…do what you want to do…when you want to do it.  You’re an adult…you have one life to live, and live it like it’s your last because for all we is!

Anthony ‘Mc-Fuckin’ Schultz

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