Pita does not equal P.E.T.A

Well, in lieu of our ferret being kicked out of his own union due to the fact that he fell madly behind on his dues has caused Hanz to fall into a deep, deep ‘pitt’ of despair.  However, even with his poor demeanor and his sullen attitude he managed to contact what he believed was the main headquarters of P.E.T.A., in order to force the union and his employer to create better working conditions, and maybe…quite possibly…eradicate his back union dues.

Although, his sad little ferrety heart was in the right place his mind just couldn’t comprehend the aromas that beseeched his little nostrils upon entering the local PIta Pitt on Hamilton.  After miming his woes to the Pita Pitt manager he simply shrugged his shoulders and sauntered back home with yet another failure under his belt.  Alas I don’t think he quite realized that Pita Pitt uses mostly ferret meat in their more meaty pitas, so it is perhaps fortunate, to say the least, that he was able to escape the confines of the establishment with his fleshyness upon his bones.    (What a meat bag.)

Nevertheless, mopey ferret…is still well mopey ferret…

Although in other news the gorilla has decided to adopt a name since we have been simply referring to him as “the monkey who most not be named.”  Instead of adhering to a more conventional name he’s opted to go by Prince’s old symbol…the symbol was also lonely since Prince decided to want a career again and the gorilla is obviously lonesome because well his only company is a maddened ferret who thinks himself an organizational genius as well as a 1940’s British officer of the law.

Anyhow, remember don’t defraud your ferret because he might become sad and resort to Pita Pitt for retribution, and always respect your captive gorilla by at the very least naming him.

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