Everyone seems to want to hop on the current bandwagon entitled the “demise of America.”  Yet, no one seems to want to fix the problems resulting in this unfortunate predicament…maybe we should, and then maybe we can start referring to the bandwagon as the “slight dip in America, but then soon after, subsequent rise of America.”

…yes, the new catchphrase of your local and national bandwagon is more lengthy, but it has a good ring to it.

I fully blame the trickle down economic theory and deregulation of our business sector here within the States starting with the Reagan administration.

And, honestly if you disagree odds are your older and from a generation or two past my own, and you’re partially responsible for this mess!  You have waived your right to disagree because I along with my fellow peers get to pay for your mess!  We get the wonderful opportunity to pay off your debit, the previous generation’s debit, and now have absolutely no chance to retire…thank you so very much Reagan and both Bushs…you’ve sucked the second half of my life into oblivion while you get to sit in Crawford drinking crap whiskey and twiddling your banjo with the rest of the idiots in your clan…brav..fuckin’…o…

I have a week old pineapple with a face carved into it that could have handled an eight year presidency better than you Mr. Bush…how does that feel?  As an aside he also has a similar IQ.

Nevertheless, for me my future doesn’t change I never planned on retiring anyhow, but why has the choice to do so been revoked?  The answer is simple:  America had greedy people backing our economy and government for over twenty-years, and now that’s it’s all fallen away my generation and my parent’s generation gets to pick up the pieces. 

However, I believe that all is not lost.  If Germany can repay the entire debt of World War I within twenty-years, America can fix the global economy and arise like a phoenix within another twenty.

So, folks don’t get discouraged or upset by our current predicament…get even!  Show your parents and/or grandparents how it’s done, and fix the problem and surge America forward into a new era of peace and prosperity. 

Mopey Ferret Dance in a War Dance

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I know I’ll be doing my part…how about you?

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