Mr. Jiggles and The Who

Mr. Jiggles

Ever rhyme without a reason, or care?  Ever feel the need to feel the sensation of the season, or dance with a bear? Neither have I, but do we ever truly know our own mind’s eye?  I think not, but, yet again, what do I know?  I’m just a young pup with his peacock feathers up for show.   Like a traveling Russian circus I’m all lights and no pizzazz…yet.  But, if I were you I would lay down a bet.  Odds are one day I’ll be something great, and more than less, your bet will pay off at a better rate.  Not to boast like my young friend, however, I know with age comes a mind on the mend.  Heed my diction; please mark them.  There will be no cause for friction, only meaningful REM.

The Who

An eternal moment lost and only found by the individual who masters time, who attempts to supersede death in an effort to unshackle the lock and heart with same skeleton key.  This dead bolt only reveals an archway that leads the beholder of the key to a graveyard filled with an immeasurable amount of locks that no key will open.  Age is not the question, nor is wisdom, but happiness unlocks all.  The one who seeks this refuge will find all the coffins ajar with no locks and the Who that found time will find that his key will no longer be necessary.  It’ll disappear into the abyss of the six-footer that no man glimpses without loss.  Another moment followed by an infinite amount of other moments is merely life.  Don’t be afraid that the prior moments have passed, but embrace the next and as soon as the present moment is slow view the happiness that has already occurred and shed a tear and chortle, and then grab the next moment by its thread and hold it tight.  If you don’t then there will be only one consequence…you will be the Who with the key that opens no locks and no hearts.

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