We can.

A one-eyed Jack playin’ his to hand to a King of the Commons isvmerely a meek pirate seeking a six-shooter to avenge his mundane life.  The man tips his yellow hat to the bellhop signaling for change.  The bellhop stands atop his soapbox, caged and afraid lookin’ for the wet monkey while the man in the yellow cap crosses the threshold to foreclose.  Who is that he shouts!?  Is it the sound of the collapsing government, the collapsing dream of America, the collapse of an empire?  Who’ll strike back if the bouncer’s been shot by a one-eyed pirate king?  We the rebels; that is who.  We don’t need a doctor we need healthcare.  Obama can’t burn Congress to the ground, but Congress can sure burn the white house to the ground.  Raze for it penny, sell the land for a grand.  As long as the American people get hurt those old white bastards will reap the benefits till they hang for their anarchy.  Watch their constituents burn them at the stake while deregulated business sponsors the event.  The people will pour and shout into the stadium with posters of a grinning Reagan hoping to hear the tortured screams of a corrupt Congressman.  They have no qualms warring with the world at their own behest, but do they have the balls to war with the people?  Who gave them the seat of power, who wiped their asses when their second term rolled around, who gave them the suit?  We did.  Who can take it away?  We can.

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