Blue Mountain Cappuccinos

I have been desperately trying to come up with my next editorial and unfortunately my brain matter has been a little grayer than normal.  My day job has been encompassing more of my time lately and, just as equally sad as my current inability to compose, my moonlit career as writer gets the proverbial shaft.  At this juncture the day job puts food on the table and my writing is a mere smidgen past hobby. (And, for those you who do not know a smidgen is equal to two tads.)

Like every writer should, I read vivaciously even when I’m not writing.  My mind needs to be working otherwise it gets presumptuous and begins its Pinky and the Brain-esque plotting.  World domination isn’t in the cards for me, but a vast knowledge founded within literary journals, blogs, novels, and other writer’s work is well within my grasp.

Recently, I’ve joined an online community of writers over at, and the results have been positive thus far.  It’s a great way to post work-in-progresses and have your worked critiqued.  It’s not highly structured, but it is a good way to get your work out there and also to meet some amazingly talented people.  The past week or two, that I have cruised around the site, I have met some truly wonderful people.  Everyone seems to be very friendly and more than willing to lend a hand or send a quick message.

It’s also good to receive a compliment here or there, because after all the ego of any writer is fragile at times—no sense in scrambling a rotten egg.  I would recommend to any writer getting out there to join such a community and share your work.  Whether it’s completely fleshed out or merely an idea there is no harm in getting a second opinion.  With the digital print age upon us the pool and availability of writers just became a lot deeper, so we might as well help each other reach the shores of publication.

Well, that is the word; this writer’s grey matter is verging on black now.

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