Welcome to Funktown

I have desperately been trying to pull myself out of a funk.  I greatly dislike my day job.  Honestly I find it horrible.  I feel inadequate and bad about myself every time I am there.  Truly a wonderful feeling.  I work in retail and it is not that difficult of work.  I work hard and I always try my best; however, my boss has managed (no pun intended) to take our morale out back and put her down.  I’m not the only one who feels like this, but at a time when I should be wrapping up a useless degree or maybe starting my career I’m stuck at a dead-end job feeling sorry for myself.  All of these problems are mine and mine alone, and to complain is fruitless effort; I, after all, hold of the power.

However, what kills me the most though is that it destroys my mojo.  I feel so bad about myself that it makes it difficult to write.  It hinders my confidence, and keeps me stationary in life.  I need to refocus and rectify the predicament instead of complaining about it.  Essentially, I need a new job.  I need to buckle down and start looking for a job or find my way back to school because living an unhappy life is not living at all.  There is no way that I’m spending my one for sure shot in anger.  I’m finding my path out of Funktown.

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  1. Love the Funk Town reference. I have the same problem on occasion. Whenever that happens I through myself into writing, and when I come back to reread what I wrote I generally find the answer to what I need to fix for myself.

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