Contraband” with Mark Whalberg, Kate Bekinsdale, Ben Foster, Giovanni Ribisi (2012)


Celeste and I decided to hit the theaters today and see Marky Mark in “Contraband.”  I have to say I was very impressed.  I was expecting a cliché thriller about a character being pulled back into the criminal underworld after cleaning up his act, because his family is kidnapped by some hot-headed, wannabe gangster.  Instead I was pleasantly surprised by a compelling plot that has bits and pieces of the aforementioned cliché, but is really something else all together.  I thought that the acting was great and the twist at the end was superbly done.  Definitely check this one out if you like a clever heist movie.

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    1. My movie posts are fairly recent and I wasn’t sure how viable they were/are going to be; however, I think that from now I’ll bust out some more lengthy reviews as I post them. Thanks for the read!

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