Leaked poster for Marvel Studio’s “The Wolverine” (2013)

The sequel to X-Men Origins: WolverineThe Wolverine, has been abuzz throughout the internets these past few days with the leaked unofficial/official poster for the upcoming film.

20th Century Fox has yet to announce the release date for the movie, but all signs point to a May/June release in the post-apocalyptic world of 2013.

Hugh Jackman will be reprising his role as James Howlett/Logan/Wolverine character after his duties on the set of Les Miserables.  The new film in the Wolverine saga is slated to follow Claremont and Miller’s groundbreaking and prototypical Wolverine series by following the eponymous character as he heads to Japan and tussles with the now infamous Silver Samurai.

Click on the above image to get an even bigger glimpse at the most-awesome movie poster for the upcoming film, The Wolverine, or click on the first link in the “Related Articles” section below to take a peek at the source article at The Examiner (dot) Com.

2 thoughts on “Leaked poster for Marvel Studio’s “The Wolverine” (2013)

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  1. In theory this should be awesome, though I unfortunately wasn’t super impressed with X-Men Origins: Wolverine (and when the hell are we going to get an X-Men Origins: Colossus, or something equally awesome?) so while I’m morally obligated to see all comic book movies, I will wait and see what they give us.

    1. I was probably in the minority on this one, because I thoroughly enjoyed “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”; however, that being said I think that my carnal love of action flicks really kicked into high gear making me like it more than I should have. I’m excited for “The Wolverine” because supposedly it is going to be based upon the original Claremont-Miller four-part mini, and if they stick with that it should be the best Wolverine film thus far.

      Also, an “X-Men Origins: Colossus” would be awesome! Especially, Marvel Studios followed the arc of how he came to be the Juggernaut–I would just about die to see that made.

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