Dan Harmon’s “Community” on NBC

Recently, my girlfriend and I decided to hop on the Hulu Plus bandwagon (again), and give it another go.  The first time around, the PS3 app that we used to stream Hulu’s content was sketchy at best.  It was riddled with bugs and was constantly freezing.  Most of the content was web-only at the time, which truly defeats the purpose of paying to stream video to your television.  However, after almost a year off the Hulu grid my tech-savvy mother persuaded me to take another run at it.

Almost all the aforementioned bugs have been worked out, and after a healthy bout of consumed television I’ve only noticed minor freezing a handful of times and they were all due to my Internet connection and not the Hulu app.

With a wide swatch of current television now available to a household that doesn’t possess cable or satellite we ‘Glee’fully dived headlong into the smorgasbord of media.  One of the shows that most caught my eye, but that I’ve never got around to watching, was Dan Harmon’s “Community” on NBC.

Within a matter of weeks I gobbled up the first two seasons of “Community” and am still lusting for more.  For those of you who haven’t caught “Community” the premise is as follows: a group of misfits unwittingly band together to form a study group, and eventually family, at a small community college.  The show focuses on poking fun at all of the tired and cliché television/movie stereotypes and archetypes.  The basis for almost any sitcom that has been created in the last sixty-years is fair game and openly mocked on “Community.”  One of the characters, Abed Nadir played by Danny Pudi, has Aspergers Syndrome and finds that television and film are the only way that he can relate to people, so because of this pairing and the inherent premise of the show the fourth wall is always being chipped away with wry humor.

Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Yvette Nicole Brown, Alison Brie, Donald Glover, Jim Rash, Ken Jeong, Chevy Chase, and a rotating cast of star cameos round out the great writing and overall humor of the show.  “Community” by far is one of my favorite television shows on the air.  If you haven’t checked it out catch an episode—you won’t be disappointed.

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