Cogswell’ Professor, Bret Sweet, releases sci-fi thriller “Among the Veils”

Among the VeilsCogswell College in Sunnyvale, California proclaimed today that their director of the Digital Media Management program just released his first novel “Among the Veils” this past August.  Sweet’s wife described the novel as: “Harry Potter meets The Wire.”  Definitely a unique and intriguing mash-up   Sweet was inspired to write during a darker, more tragic period of his life when his father was suffering through Alzheimer’s and was eventually hospitalized for the condition.

I wrote this story in my mind while watching over my father–I wanted to create an interactive experience for the reader and really involve them in every aspect of the story,” says Sweet. “I call this genre, ‘urban sci-fi’ or ‘street sword and sorcery.’

“Among the Veils” follows protagonist Clay Durward who works as a psychiatrist in San Francisco’s more impoverished districts.  When summoned to protect a little boy at a crime scene Clay discovers that the boy is not precisely what he seems.  Possessing the spirits of ancient, Egyptian deities, the boy and Clay eventually become embroiled by a mythical war that encompasses the darker parts of America’s corners.

Bret Sweet’s will be launching his book in San Francisco with a public signing and reading on Saturday, October 5th, 2013, at the Excelsior Branch of the YMCA.  For those that can’t attend the October 5th launch party, other events are scheduled in and around the Bay Area.

“Among the Veils” is intended to be apart of a larger series dubbed the ‘Paper Thrones’ series, so come back soon to read up on more information regarding Bret Sweet’s newest novel and series.

(SOURCE:  Cogswell’ Professor, Bret Sweet, releases sci-fi thriller “Among the Veils”)

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