Colleen Gleason’s “The Clockwork Scarab” had me at “Hello.”

The Clockwork ScarabI follow several blogs and subscribe to even more emailings & newsletters that specifically advertise book releases, galleys (eCopy or otherwise), and ARCs.  I get a ton of inside information and advanced copies for review, but rarely do I read a blurb or press packet and get that ‘I must have it’ feeling.

It happened.

One of the aforementioned (and most-popular) email blasts that I subscribe to is called “Shelf Awareness.”  They send me a core email and a digest twice daily, and they are always chocked full of interesting book releases and information.

One such email graced my inbox yesterday (and ‘yes’ I still use as my email client) and sported a truly awesome advertisement for a novel called, “The Clockwork Scarab” by Colleen Gleason  What immediately grabbed me was the advertisements plug, which reads as follows:

Evaline Stoker, Sister of Bram, & Mina Holmes, Niece of Sherlock

This concept is truly brilliant.  Combining one of the most popular characters and writers of the 20th century (Sherlock Holmes & Bram Stoker) in a singular supernatural novel is something that needs to happen more often.  I recall first hearing about the sequel to Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” by his great grand-nephew, Dacre Stoker, and only then has my intrigue been rivaled by my interest in “The Clockwork Scarab.”

Considering the similar nature and tone of the source materials along with all of the wonderful television adaptations of Sherlock Holmes and modernizations of “Dracula” it makes perfect sense for these two classics to converge.

I look forward to cracking into Gleason’s “The Clockwork Scarab”–  She had me at the proverbial “Hello.”

(SOURCE:  Colleen Gleason’s “The Clockwork Scarab” had me at “Hello.”)

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