New Year’s Resolutions– Meh. New Year’s Goals– Better.

New Year's GoalsI have a woeful habit of never making New Year’s resolutions.  I despise them more than Sauron wants the ring, and the Shire to burn.  No one ever keeps them.  By the time the big game rolls around the treadmill lies covered in dust in the corner of the family room stacked with Mountain Dew and Budweiser, which by all means is fine and American, but makes me feel  sad inside like an episode of Star Trek without a Tribble.

Resolutions are difficult– Not because they are unobtainable, but rather because people set out to accomplish tasks that are lifelong endeavors instead of focused, specific goals.  Eating healthier, exercising, quitting smoking, and getting that next big promotion are all worthy to work towards, but they are lifelong and can very rarely be accomplished in a single year.  If you quit smoking, it will be a lifelong struggle against addiction and temptation.  First steps are fantastic and I encourage anyone to go for them, but I think paring down to a single year undercuts the premise and inevitably leads people to fail which then perpetuates a cycle.

With this in mind,  I set out to resolve my hatred of New Year’s resolutions by twisting it up a bit and altering the premise into something a bit more manageable.  I set out to make a list of ten goals (in place of the traditional resolution) that could be accomplished in a single year.  Tasks that have definitive start and end dates with a concrete product in mind.  I picked one larger goal for the year and nine smaller goals which were generally pop culture, career, and/or related to my family and friends.

Obviously a person’s list will vary (akin to a list of New Year’s resolutions), so mine may seem odd or out of place but as far as my personal preferences and goals are concerned they fit it perfectly.  So, for 2014, here is my list of ten goals to accomplish by December 31st, 2014.

2014 New Year’s Goals

1.  Run a successful KickStarter project.

2.  Read all of Jonathan Ames’ work

3.  Finally beat Final Fantasy VIII and XII

4.  Refurbish Celeste’s [(my wife)] dresser and sewing desk as well as out wine rack

5.  Save and purchase a PS Vita (keyword being “save”)

6.  Make a wicked, awesome Halloween costume (Booker DeWitt)

7.  Collect Claremont-Miller four-part miniseries, “The Wolverine.”

8.  Read and then watch “Dune.”

9.  Finally read “Game of Thrones.”

10.  Finish writing “At the Top” and both “Dorian” tales.

Comment below to include some of your New Year’s goals and or resolutions.  I would love to see and help anyone accomplish a personal goal, as I will be sharing mine as I complete them throughout the year.  I keep my handwritten list tucked away in an envelope on my nightstand, so that I can keep in mind.

2 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions– Meh. New Year’s Goals– Better.

Add yours

  1. I don’t make New Years resolutions and never have. If I’m not going to do it any other time, why make a promise I’m not going to keep at some arbitrary date? I either do it or don’t. Period.

    1. And, that is exactly how I feel. There is no reason to make hollow promises. It can often negatively impact one’s self-esteem and/or self-image, so why put yourself through the trouble?

      That’s why I thought specific goals that I could keep was the way to go– A compromise if you will.

      Thanks for commenting!

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