Robin Williams (1951-2014)

It is always difficult for a people to lose such talent and energy in a world where the creative arts are often pushed to the side, but we should definitely take a moment to remember and cherish one of the greatest actors, comedians, philanthropists, and the all-around good human beings that Robin Williams was and will always remain.  They don’t often grace our presence, so let us remember and pay respect from now and henceforth.

Robin Williams

Rest in peace Robin Williams and may you have found the rest that you so long craved.

Tell Me What’s Worth Fighting For?

Tell me what’s worth fighting for?

Inky blackness, wet with regret?

We stand alone in a crowd

We stand huddled in the masses


Being herded towards a cosmic cliff

Diving to the rainbow rocks below

Shades of brown becoming shades of red

My endurance meant nothing at the end


I’m not allowed to say certain things

I live listless nights portraying

a confidant, a friend, a mentor

All for nothing, all for nothing

All for nothing, all for nothing


Dew droplets rush past

Such a waste is the past

We reflect in torment the lives we changed

But we cry the most for our own


Drenched in sweat…we survive the fall

Born from the ashes of ourselves and battle

I converse in solace to two souls willing to prattle

We hit the bottom.


I jolt— Awake, confused and lost

I am among the land of the dead.

I shuffle with my brethren to the bread lines

Remembering my falling dream…my fallen dreams.

My crayon colored canyons filled with blood

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