“Fright Night”

Fright Night” with Anton Yelchin, Collin Farrell, David Tenant, and Dave Franco (2011)


The newest incarnation of “Fright Night” is a remake of a 1985 film of the same name (hence my use of ‘incarnation’).  The film follows Charley Brewster (Anton Yelchin) as he deals with the typical teenage dealings: girlfriend, friends, parents, and creepy vampire neighbor.  His childhood best friend, who revels in hardcore nerdiness, pulls the newly popularized Charlie back into the ghouls and goblins scene once more after one of their mutual friends disappears from school.  The story then unfolds as Charlie’s old friend disappears (just like the last!) and the evidence begins to stack up leading to the conclusion that his new neighbor, Jerry Danridge (Collin Farrell), is in fact a vampire!  In a desperate attempt to figure it all out and stop Jerry the Vampire Charlie takes a chance and asks for the aid of commercialized vampire aficionado and hunter, Peter Vincent (David Tenant).  Tenant essentially plays a Chris Angel-like individual who holds nightly Vegas shows to wow and dazzle his audiences with mysticism and Goth motifs.

I enjoyed the film; it was fun.  It made me realize that the teen movie genre has all but died at the foot of modernism.  Teen movies used to be a staple during the 70’s and 80’s, but as the 90’s and 00’s further horned in on the genre it mutated and has become something else all-together leaving classic teen horror films left out in the cold.  They may be corny and predictable, but sometimes it is nice to have a mindless, fun romp about growing up and things that go bump in the night.

If you want to watch a fun movie, to sit and eat popcorn by, that provides great laughs and a bit of supernatural flare then check out 2011’s “Fright Night” remake.

“Real Steel” and “Star Trek”

My family holds an Oscar party every year, and basically we use the Oscars as an excuse to get together, eat, laugh, and watch some of our favorite films.  This year our pre-show films included: “Real Steel” and “Star Trek.”  In my opinion, they are great, fun movies that can be enjoyed and watched over-and-over without ever getting old.  Movies provide us with inspiration and show us what the imagination can create.  They inspire me to write, which is why I review movies so often.  A good film will always leave you in awe no mater how many times you’ve seen it.  Whether Oscar-worthy or not “Real Steel” and “Star Trek” are films that I will continuously watch and always stand in awe.

“Real Steel” with Hugh Jackman, Dakota Goyo, and Evangeline Lilly (2011)


“Real Steel” is a hard sell to say the least.  It looks cheesy, it sounds cheesy, and like they say, “if it looks and sounds like a duck—it’s probably is a duck.”  However, I would strongly urge that anyone interesting in boxing and the development/discovery of a father/son relationship to watch this movie.

Fun Fact #1 and #2: “Real Steel” is based off of a Richard Matheson short-story with the same name, which coincidentally enough was also a “Twilight Zone” episode.

In a one-liner:  “Real Steel” is “Rocky” with robots.

It follows Charlie Kenton (Hugh Jackman) and his son Max Kenton (Dakota Goyo) as they get to know each other after more than eleven years of being estranged throughout the career of a junkyard dog robot whose expectancy to win is nil.

It is a great movie about a bad father who begins to realize the importance of being a dad, and a role model, after spending a summer with his son.  The robot boxing is merely the catalyst that provides the flair and the means to ‘stand apart’ from the rest.

I highly recommend “Real Steel”—at the very least give it a rent, or borrow a friend’s copy.

“Star Trek” with Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Leonard Nimoy, Eric Bana, Karl Urban, Zoe Saldana, Simon Pegg, Anton Yelchin, Winona Ryder, and Chris Hemsworth (2009)


“Star Trek” is basically the “Ocean’s 11” of science fiction films.  It has an immense cast of great actors that place a wonderful spin on the original “Star Trek” lore. 

 This film serves as a reboot to the franchise and starts from scratch by skewing off into an alternate timeline that allows the writers to go “where no man has gone before.”  It is a great vehicle to drive the plot forward to new highs, while still holding true to the fans.

Nero (Eric Bana) is a Romulan who gets sent back in time through a wormhole along with the future version of Spock (Leonard Nimoy) after his homeworld is destroyed by a supernova.  Holding the Federation responsible for the death of his planet, Nero plans to destroy every single Star Fleet Federation planet, starting with Vulcan, in order to appease his rage.

The classic crew Enterprise is revamped and because of the altered timeline (due to Nero and Spock’s jaunt back through time) their origins and relationships are drastically changed resulting in a great new twist on Rodenberry’s beloved franchise.

“Star Trek” ranks as one of my favorite films and if you are a sci-fi buff/nerd (like me) then this is a must-watch.

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