Welcome to Funktown

I have desperately been trying to pull myself out of a funk.  I greatly dislike my day job.  Honestly I find it horrible.  I feel inadequate and bad about myself every time I am there.  Truly a wonderful feeling.  I work in retail and it is not that difficult of work.  I work hard and I always try my best; however, my boss has managed (no pun intended) to take our morale out back and put her down.  I’m not the only one who feels like this, but at a time when I should be wrapping up a useless degree or maybe starting my career I’m stuck at a dead-end job feeling sorry for myself.  All of these problems are mine and mine alone, and to complain is fruitless effort; I, after all, hold of the power.

However, what kills me the most though is that it destroys my mojo.  I feel so bad about myself that it makes it difficult to write.  It hinders my confidence, and keeps me stationary in life.  I need to refocus and rectify the predicament instead of complaining about it.  Essentially, I need a new job.  I need to buckle down and start looking for a job or find my way back to school because living an unhappy life is not living at all.  There is no way that I’m spending my one for sure shot in anger.  I’m finding my path out of Funktown.

…and Certainly Not My Last.

It was a fucking fantastical day at work today!  How could you not love serving the gaffler nation?  Those who decide that work is truly beneath them and that those who do work hard to support themselves and their families need to pay their way, and I mean really?…what else does the working class have to deal with on a daily basis?

Oh, wait perhaps that most of us don’t even have healthcare, because we’re too busy working two jobs, and 40+ hours a week so that jo-smo can roll into his local Safeway cash-out his EBT card spend it on cigs, a 40-pack of Keystone, and a good time?  Apparently, Comcast is giving free hookers away for every new sign-on…or was that free hook-ups?…I can’t remember…

And, then to top the motherfucker off they have the gall to look down on you when you don’t hop up to satisfy their immediate needs…maybe their time on Sprague has spoiled them, but irregardless it’s perpetually annoying.

I’m not sure what the answer is…I think we should have some sort of welfare system, but God damn am I tired of seeing hardworking people continually fall flat of their faces while another person who just doesn’t want to work sits at home and lives comfortably because he leeches off of a corrupt system.

I’m also tired, and equally irritated, of seeing people tricked out in the latest fashions and then proceeding to use an EBT card to pay for their food…feigning that they’re broke yet again.  If you can wear fuckin’ American Eagle you can pay for your own God damn rent and groceries.

It’s a mindset, and it needs to be broken. We’re American and we’re better than that.  So, if you see someone pullin’ this kind of bullshit tell ’em to knock it the fuck off because it is most-definitely wrong!

There’s my rant for the day. Cheers.  And, goodnight.

Anthony ‘Mc-Fuckin’ Schultz

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An Odd Ball Living in an Even Cube World

You know what I’m tired of…?  The man that’s fuckin’ who.  Every time anyone catches a break or their dreams start to unfold before them it seems as if someone or some organization shoots ’em down.  So, as I sit here with my frizzled out curly locks, listening to a little Eminem, thinking of what I most desire out of the future I’ve come to a conclusion…that I’m taking my life back.  I am living the life that I want  God damn it, and fuck everyone else.  I want to write, and write is what I shall do.  Screw anyone who tells/told me that I couldn’t/can’t do it.

I remember being a little kid and having my own grandmother tell me that I couldn’t go to an Ivy League University because I wasn’t intelligent enough…what the fuck!?  What kind of grandmother tells that to their own grandson…a bad one that’s the answer!  I was never close to her, but God damn did that one-liner stung deep.  My parents on the other hand have had my back since birth and the only thing that has ever held me back…is well…me.

So, as the world crumbles and is in its current state of transition I am takin’ a stand and doing what I want to do.  I’ve been diligently working on my novel, and this blog will be my immediate writer gratification.  I don’t even care if anyone reads it as long as it’s here it’ll make me happy and give me the juice to get the word-a-flowin’.    As for ‘you’ get off your ass and do what you want to do…fuck the man…fuck the people in your life that have ever brought you down, and get-‘er-done!

Now, as my ramblings have come full circle, I am going ‘click’ the submit button, and wander off into the ether of the inter-tubes, so remember kids…be good…and go out and kick some ass bitches!

Anthony ‘Mc-Fuckin’ Schultz

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