Liquid Laughter

A San Francisco socialite caught in the rain dubiously grinned and threw her crimson coat to the left leaning winds. She laughed and held her palms to the sky, and the little dust centered droplets struck her golden locks as innumerable acts of eternal defiance.  She kicked up her spirits and dug her heels into a nearby bar to partake in even more spirits.  With friends around, she laughed and cried so hard that her muscles ached for days.  A whiskey and pepper is also she asked for and the handsome bartender was always more than happy to oblige.  It was a night to remember.

The bay glistened in with the reflection of the moon and the rain hardened and ebbed like the lunar tides—always contracting and blissfully reacting to its carnal urges.  The red-heeled woman followed suit and fell backwards into a waiting pool only conceived by a deity awaiting her fall.  She collapsed into the still sea.  Flashes of red emanated from her.  She glowed.  The onlookers watched a moment nestled within another moment—all in slow motion.  The VCR hit play as she bobbed back and everyone cheered at her laughter, held a beer in salute, and dived into the infinity with her.  It was evening destined to be heavenly and on a level only imagined by prophetic poets.  They scribble away trying to capture a scene that could only be captured by the human experience.  No amount of skill or technology could replicate the night that began in rain and ended in liquid laughter.


I do not live my life with many regrets…very few in fact.  This is not to say that I have lived life thus far more intelligently than most, rather the opposite.  I have made the same mistakes that my parents made, the same that my friends have made or are currently making, and some day my children will live through same trials, tribulations, and heartaches that everyone essentially lives through.  I suppose it is apart of the human experience.  No matter what station an individual is born into we all make the same basic mistakes and life choices.  We all lose a best friend, we all have our heart-broken, and we all say things we wish we had not uttered.

I do have one major regret in my life.  One that I lament upon mercilessly, whether my brain urges my heart to or not.  It is an error that I do not think I could even go back and change if time travel and God were willing to allow; I honestly believe that it was inevitable, and that no matter what decisions or paths chosen it would always result in the same way.

Today, I decided to clear away some bold boxes of mine from my parent’s basement and in amongst the refuse was a box of my old yearbooks (dating from my elementary school years at Adam’s Elementary all the way to the year I graduated at Cheney High).  They were scribbled with notes written in gel pens containing a myriad of jokes, jabs, and heartfelt messages from my friends over the years (none of which I converse with regularly anymore save for two), but the one that still hurts to this day is the loss of my best friend from junior high and high school.

We were close…like brothers.  We did everything together; we were inseparable for years.  During our senior year we had a falling out, like a lot of friends do in the final days leading up to their graduation ceremonies.  Our argument can be best described as trivial now, but at the moment…at the precipice of indecision and trust it seemed so valuable and important.  In retrospect it was meaningless; it was not worth our friendship, yet that was the cost.  I know he is doing all right (I occasionally check up on him through a friend of a friend), but it will never be the same without him.

He was my closest friend and I can’t help but miss him.


Trace the curvature around the soft lines of a beautiful woman.  Clutch the beauty and take it.  Ask her for forgiveness.  Plead for your sins.  Weave the life you were meant to live by transcending the trivialities of the plan.  Come to together, fall together, and run together.  Tell he she’s your queen, tell her she’s the one.  Embrace the sheets and find the ecstasy you’ll find in between them.  Dab the fallen tear as it infinitely glistens and refracts the multiple hues of azure.  There is no room for salted tears in a land filled with ghost and goblins.  Only strength and survival are welcome there.  Tap into the Yggdrasil root and clutch the seed of life as you plunge into the clear waters.  Swim to the shore and kiss her.  For there is only one, and she deserves a kiss.  My chips may lay in the sand, but just like your cheeks, I hold a flush in my hand.

An Odd Ball Living in an Even Cube World

You know what I’m tired of…?  The man that’s fuckin’ who.  Every time anyone catches a break or their dreams start to unfold before them it seems as if someone or some organization shoots ’em down.  So, as I sit here with my frizzled out curly locks, listening to a little Eminem, thinking of what I most desire out of the future I’ve come to a conclusion…that I’m taking my life back.  I am living the life that I want  God damn it, and fuck everyone else.  I want to write, and write is what I shall do.  Screw anyone who tells/told me that I couldn’t/can’t do it.

I remember being a little kid and having my own grandmother tell me that I couldn’t go to an Ivy League University because I wasn’t intelligent enough…what the fuck!?  What kind of grandmother tells that to their own grandson…a bad one that’s the answer!  I was never close to her, but God damn did that one-liner stung deep.  My parents on the other hand have had my back since birth and the only thing that has ever held me back…is well…me.

So, as the world crumbles and is in its current state of transition I am takin’ a stand and doing what I want to do.  I’ve been diligently working on my novel, and this blog will be my immediate writer gratification.  I don’t even care if anyone reads it as long as it’s here it’ll make me happy and give me the juice to get the word-a-flowin’.    As for ‘you’ get off your ass and do what you want to do…fuck the man…fuck the people in your life that have ever brought you down, and get-‘er-done!

Now, as my ramblings have come full circle, I am going ‘click’ the submit button, and wander off into the ether of the inter-tubes, so remember kids…be good…and go out and kick some ass bitches!

Anthony ‘Mc-Fuckin’ Schultz

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