“The Wolverine” Sketch Posters

While I was writing my review for “The Wolverine” I found these great sketch variant posters that I just needed to share.  I think they are pretty cool, and I wish I had seen more of them floating around during Fox‘s marketing for film.  Regardless, check out these awesome posters for “The Wolverine.”



“(500) Days of Summer” Posters, Stills, & Quotes

During the composition of my “(500) Days of Summer” review I came a cross a mountain of alternative posters, movie stills, and inspirational quotes tied to the film.  There is an insane amount of material for this movie.  The fan have successfully ‘cultisized’ it, so I decided to do a supplementary post showcasing some of the cool promo pieces that the studio and the fans have come up with–check it out!

“Skyfall” poster from AllPosters.com

I am a huge James Bond, and recently I had the pleasure of seeing “Skyfall” in theaters with my longtime girlfriend, Celeste Sievers.  I haven’t been to the theaters to see a Bond film with her, so for me it was a sort of silly bonding moment–nevertheless I was ecstatic!  As far as the reviews are concerned–they are correct.  “Skyfall” is the best James Bond film to date, and I hope to have a corroborating review within the fortnight.

In honor of a tradition started by my lovely parents, I have continued onward with my collection of James Bond posters.  Beginning with Daniel Craig‘s run at “Casino Royale” I have framed the past two movie posters, which are up in my apartment along a wall.  To keep with this, I recently ordered my “Skyfall” poster (featured left), and I hope to have a picture up showing the three framed side-by-side as soon as possible.

If you haven’t checked out Allposters.com I would highly recommend you do so.  They sell a spectacular range of prints for very reasonable prices–along with framing services.  Also, every time I have ordered a poster from them there has always been a discount offered at checkout, whether it be free (or discounted) shipping or discounted posters there was always a promotional code available.  And, in this instance, it fit my James Bond tradition incredibly perfectly.

Cheers, to all the James Bond-o-philes and readers, and have a happy Thanksgiving if I don’t post before then!

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