Almond Sliver

The people nowadays are all just a herd.

I hate it; I can’t stand being a sheep.

I see my fellow man’s morals begin to blur.

Everyone’s shouting, but I can’t hear a peep.


I watch dumbfounded as everyone yells.

I want to yell back. I want to bellow and bark.

But, what’s the point in a land of living hells?

They stand occupied, loud and silent, in park.


I believe, but I know pessimism better than most.

I trust in a shambled system that just needs more.

I’m not alone. Everyone’s lost– from coast to coast.

When did the wealthy and the rich forget the poor?


When did the poor start asking for freebies?

When did the middle get lost and forgotten?

It was the day the rich gave ‘em Rabies.

It was the day the government began rottin’.


I maybe lost, but my pen will be found.

It may be tumultuous, but I’ll make a legacy.

When I’m dead and gone, and in the ground

My word will live on like holy regency.

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