A Coworker’s Guided Plunge Into Darkness.

I cannot call myself an avid “Star Trek” fan.  I have loved the franchise since before J.J. Abrams rebooted the series, but I would be lying if I told you that I had entrenched myself in the lore and new the ins-and-outs of the entire universe.  However, I did grow up with “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” and in later years I went back and watched the Star Trek: The Original Series.”  When I found out that my fiancée had not seen anything Star Trek related we went back together and watched “Star Trek: Enterprise” on Netflix to begin at the franchise’s origin (at least chronologically speaking).

Yesterday evening (and into this morning) I had a coworker come over to my place, so that we could watch J.J. Abrams’ reboot, “Star Trek.”  This all came about, because a couple of weeks ago he broached me about the subject wondering, “If I knew anything about Star Trek?” (This is in direct relation to the fact that the sequel to Abrams’ reboot is releasing in a scant two weeks time.)

Funnily enough, the Magic Lantern Theater in Spokane, WA (where I live) is doing a special showing of J.J. Abrams’ “Star Trek” (courtesy of Merlyn’s Sci-fi and Fantasy Shop) on the 14th of May to gear people up for the aforementioned sequel, so I recommend that we try to get together so that he could catch up the new movie series.  Unfortunately, my coworker and I couldn’t both get the night off, so we decided to do an impromptu ‘Star Trek Night’ at my place.

Long story short, we had a blast.

Star Trek Magazine Movie SpecialHowever, my shameless post about my nerdery is far from over.  Some readers may remember that I occasionally work for Titan Publishing/Comics, and coincidentally enough they publish the “Star Trek Magazine” and have just put out a special movie issue for their forty-fifth endeavor.

It is a beautiful printing of everything-and-anything related to “Star Trek Into Darkness,” which releases May 17, 2013.  The magazine has in-depth interviews, stills, and all sorts of nuggets to wet your Star Trek whistle.  It even includes new Star Trek fiction, as well as a chance to win Gold Passes to the official Star Trek convention in Las Vegas, NV.

To say the least, it is awesome.

I already nabbed my copy from Fred Meyer (my day job) and if you live in the States or Canada it is already available wherever magazines are sold.  If you live in the UK the “Star Trek Magazine Movie Special” will be releasing May 16, 2013, so make sure to grab a copy when you can.

If you are interested in more from Titan, or are just curious about the Star Trek Mag, check these sites out:

For more information visit:


Connect with Star Trek Magazine:



Now, that I am done plugging my own work as well J.J. Abrams, Netflix, Titan Publishing/Comics, The Magic Lantern, Merlyn’s, and Fred Meyer I have this one obvious caveat and concluding sentiment to provide to you:

Live Long and Prosper.”

Star Trek

“Star Trek” is Sci-fi nerd paradise and recently I have succumbed to my inner Trekker.  I have always been a fan of the franchise—after all, I grew up with “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and Jean-Luc Picard quickly became (and has remained) an idol of mine.  It was not until years later that I became privy to the awesomeness of “Star Trek: The Original Series.”  Such classic episodes as the “The Trouble with Tribbles” and “Amok Time” have rotated the pixels on of my television on more than one occasion.

However, somehow during my voyages I missed “Star Trek: Enterprise.“  This particular incarnation of the series released and ran during my high school years and I vividly remember discussing the first season with my friends, but somehow my interest, or available TV watching time, dissipated and I never made it past Season 1.  So, in light of this realization I looked up “Enterprise’s” availability on Netflix and lo and behold there it rests waiting for my viewership after all these years.  After much coercion (not really) I managed to convince my girlfriend to watch “Enterprise” with me and after a Sunday of episodes we were both hooked.

I don’t know what it is about “Star Trek” that draws people in, but even for noobs like me who have only grazed here and there at the megahit that “Star Trek” has become I am always and immediately pulled in and overjoyed by each episode.

Continuing on from the “Original Series” and “Next Generation,” “Enterprise’s” first run mimics the self-contained story plots of each episode that the originals made a staple.  Even in its simplicity it is a great episode structure because each of the characters can be focused on and fleshed out, while still upholding the moral undertones as well as the Science-Fiction aspect of the series.

Scott Bakula plays Captain Archer perfectly and sits rather comfortably in the captain’s chair.  His crew is tight and it is easy to see why fans have become so attached to the characters.  They are likeable because the show has always centered on the flaws of the characters, but along with that they also focus on the good found within them and their strong belief in their personal code of ethics.

In general, Science-Fiction as always been hit or miss with me.  Obviously there are some truly great examples of it such as “Star Trek,” “Star Wars,” “Blade Runner,” “The Matrix,” “War of the Worlds,” “The Twilight Zone,” and the countless others that have shaped the genre; however, along with the great ones there is a sea of cliché, horror that merely rips off the nearest ‘great’ -sometimes without even realizing it-.

Star Trek is one of those series that did it right and even with all of the various incarnations and off shoots it still seems to have relevance even after fifty-years.

With my suddenly renewed interest in “Star Trek” and a Sci-fi short story competition right around the corner at BigThing.com I think that I will be trying my hand and a stab at the genre to see if I have been inspired or not, or merely fallen into the “cliché sea of horror.”

What are some of your favorite Science-Fiction books, and/or films?

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