Bloodborne – Old Yharnam

I am have not been interested in Dark Souls.  As much as I have tried…the series has never gotten its “hooks” into like it has for so many others.  The medieval mythology and the more-defensive nature of the series never really piqued my interest, which is unusual because the setting and game mechanics seem as-if they would be right up my alley.

To note, I also (in the next room) have the collector’s edition of Demon’s Souls, which is an incredibly similar experience but somehow still cuts its own path and is not quite the same as its successor.  There is a “something” there that differentiates Demon Souls from the Dark Souls trilogy, that I have not quite been able to put my finger on and may warrant further discussion on social media, or perhaps a posting of its own?

I digress.  I may not enjoy what Dark Souls offers, but I do greatly enjoying the fast-paced, frenetic combat of both Bloodborne and its sister companion, Nioh.  I have regularly played both of those titles since they released and always find myself returning to them.  Blatantly, pointing out the difference in the combat mechanics and speed at which they are delivered normally would answer my above inquiry, but–even if it does in part–I still cannot wholly explain why I prefer Bloodborne and Nioh over the Dark Souls trilogy.  Under normal circumstances I would absolutely love a medieval set game and most-likely shy away from a Japanese-inspired setting akin to Nioh.

Like I mentioned, maybe this is a good place to stop and collect myself, and reconvene at a later date to better dissect the differences between these games and seriously get into the root cause.

Without further ado, I give you the ASInquisitor premiere of my ongoing Bloodborne series, while will be featured in rotation on Twitch and YouTube in what will be a long running series only releasing and streamed on the weekends!


Fallout 76 – The One Where We Go Back to the Cranberry Bogs

There is definitely an Easter egg hidden within my Fallout 76 YouTube videos.  I have not discussed it publicly or made any special note of it, but it does exist and was conversed about in ad naseum during the inception of ASInquisitor’s Twitch and YouTube channels.

In essence…there was intention.

My wife and I absolutely love certain TV shows.  We have watched them over-and-over, again.  As white noise, they are on in the background as we drift off to sleep, and they have persisted as a familial zeitgeist of pop-culture in the Schultz household.  Two such TV shows arise to the top of the pack:  The cult, animated science fiction series, Futurama, and the (now) classic NBC sitcom, Friends, set in 1990’s New York City.

Every title for every Fallout 76 video that I have produced for YouTube is a named as-if it were a Friends episode.  I thought it would be amazing to take the ridiculous world of Fallout and somehow tie it to the more grounded, television show, Friends.  And, the only thing that came to mind…was the title!  All Friends’ episode titles are a derivative of “The One Where…,” which honestly makes complete sense and is incredibly clever, because when people discuss TV shows or movies we often begin telling someone (who has usually seen it, as well), “You know?  The one where…”

Anyways, I thought this would be an amusing anecdote to share, before we get into ASI’s newest episode of Fallout 76, The One Where We Go Back to the Cranberry Bogs.  Tomorrow, I will be sharing the newest installment to my Days Gone in survival mode series.  It is also a full stream with minimal editing, however, Days Gone (in particular) seems to do well in that format on YouTube.  Afterwards, I will be sharing some shorter and more-heavily edited videos, that should be easier to consume in our busy lives.


Pop some popcorn and enjoy the show folks!

Fallout 76 – The One Where We Explore Some More

This was one of my first streams when I started on Twitch back in the spring of this year (2019).  As I have been working on buttoning the ASInquisitor YouTube channel by having seven-day uploads, an intro and an outro clip, and at least a week ahead in video editing, I have focused on bringing a new level of polish to ASI.

This video is a throwback for two reasons: 1.) I had it in the external storage of all ASI footage and needed to free up some space for future streams and raw video files, and 2.) It’s Fallout 76.  It is better than people realize and it is just growing day-by-day and month-by-month.

I hope you enjoy!

Super Mario Bros.

Normally I wouldn’t post so religiously, but due to a couple mixed drinks and bad bought with Mario I’ve decided to share my thoughts on the beloved classic that is Super Mario Bros. 

First off I’d like to mention that I have dusted off my old NES given to me but one of many partners in crime, A! Sauce John McDonell, and popped in my old Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt cartridge and begin my epic journey to beat the title that started it all.

My skills were definitely rusty, but as the avid gamer that I am I quickly began to regain my lost Mario abilities and soar into the sky like a plumber with a racoon tail!  I, as of this evening have finally reached the final castle which will hopefully behold Princess Peach.  Upon regularly reaching this castle I also seem to be regularly dying at this castle…coincidence…?  I doubt it.

Anyhow, I digress, my opinions regarding Mario are not solely concerned with its difficulty, but rather it’s insane concepts and ideas.  Why the hell am I plumber trying to rescue a princess?  If I’m residing within’ a kingdom, presumably the princess’ kingdom. aren’t there more competent royal subjects that could rescue a princess…lets say maybe a knight? 

Also…who the hell thought of the word ‘Goomba’ and the idea to bring a mushroom alive?  Was this said creator on mushrooms, perhaps?  He or she would have to be judging from the numerous other oddities surrounding Super Mario Bros. 

I have so many questions and no God damn answers…I feel as if ‘m watching the beginning “Lost” all over again! 

Cloud-man, as I refer to him, keeps plaguing me with spiked beasts that upon further analysis I believe to be the sick, twisted off-spring of an even greater cloud being and Luigi, and all the while my insanely nimble yet slippery little devil of an Italian man named Mario dodges to and fro as if this is the norm.

I am truly baffled, yet obviously truly addicted.

I’d like to leave the reader with one, two-part question:  Where does this take place, and how do I get there?

A goal I have set for myself is to ultimately learn why the oddities of Mario exists and how they came about…if anyone has got any clue as to how some of these truffles of knowledge slipped through into the gaming world drop me a line and shed some light into my cranium. 

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